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Lost Gardens Foraging and Wild Food Weekend

As part of a larger art project called ‘the lost gardens of Stoke-On-Trent’ I was invited along to conduct a weekends worth of foraging and wild food exploration of these Lost Gardens. I had a large number of ideas for the weekend but eventually settled on this:

  • Friday – A full day of foraging and cooking where a group are introduced to the potential of foraging food from the lost gardens, ending with an outdoor three course meal cooked up by all the groups participants
  • Saturday – a day of short introduction to wild flavours walks to accompany the other short events taking place through the weekend
  • Sunday – a sit down four course wild food lunch where the weekends participants help me with the foraging and cooking (to help develop and promote independent foraging)

The weekend was cracking, we found over 40 edible species on our site and one of them was hops – which I really wasn’t expecting to find suspended from one of the bridges we crossed. Starting with introducing the abundance of wild edibles to a group on Friday to sitting (or standing) to a full four course meal on the Sunday where we enjoyed:

  • Burdock root soup and speared dock bread
  • Wild Salad Cleanser
  • Oven baked Beef with horse raddish mash and hawthorn berry chutney
  • Elderflower and rosehip cheesecake
  • Wild teas and coffees

The meal was one of the first on that scale (30 seats) I’d done and I was surprised how smoothly the whole affair went, since we were actually cooking outdoors as well. The food was delicious and I can’t wait to do some more events like this!

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