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Foraging for Salads

Wild Flower Salads

Wild Foods can go in to a vast range of dishes as you will see from our every increasing recipe section to this site.

However some of my favourite meals that include foraged ingredients are, as always, the most simple ones. Using techniques where ingredients are processed and cooked very little – in this sense we don’t over power our harvest with other over powering flavours.

I also love recipes that are flexible, meaning we can chuck whatever we find out on the forage in.

With this in mind I have a basic standard wild salad recipe I use which can use whatever wild salad ingredients you happen to find in your location. Be it in a park, by the sea, whilst walking the dog, exploring the woods or on a camping weekend with the family. Think ingredients like, dandelion leaves, chickweed shoots, clover leaves and flowers, fireweed leaves, cats ear leaves, wood or lambs sorrel or even young common hogweed shoots.

So here it is:

Foraging Salad:

  • 50ml honey
  • 100ml cider vinegar
  • A handful of crunchy well-seasoned croutons
  • 100g of Bacon chunks

In a pan fry off your bacon until crisp – about 5 minutes, pour in your honey and vinegar and stir. Pour this over whatever wild salad ingredients you find along with the croutons and enjoy an amazing wild salad.

Or why not pre make this without the salad and take it on a walk in a Tupperware box and pour it over the wild salad ingredients you find during your wonder and treat yourself to a wild picnic.

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