Elder Flower Cordial

Elder Flower cordial brings the beautiful fragrant flavours that Elder Flowers have become well known for and preserves them within this golden liquid. Our Flowers are freshly foraged every year from our picturesque countryside.

The cordial recipe we’ve created gives us a darker cordial than you may be used to, this is because our cordial has double the amount of elder flowers in than any other. This means it can go a lot further in drinks but also allows us to use it a lot more successfully within food stuffs. For example most regular elder flower cordials get lost within a cheesecake recipe, sorbet or cup cake whereas the same amount of ours will make a noticeable difference to the final flavour.

I love the stuff and drink it hot and cold, mix it in to cocktails and with prosecco. Our customers eat it in sorbets, ice creams, ice lollies, jelly, cheese cakes, smoothies, cupcakes, icing and much more.